Finding Help

and Support

on the archived Australian

Royal Commission site

up to date as at December 2017

      Conditions of use

   These pages should be used with caution

if you are triggered please exit and seek support

     These pages may or may not be of use to you.  

  You should use these pages in conjunction with appropriate healk care professionals.

    use at your own risk  as no liability can be accepted.

in particulat for unforseen reactions.

    My sites give the on line resources of services and support groups which may be of assistance.


the purpose of the sites are to provide resources  because in my recovery I had to  search long and hard

to find them.

    In many cases  knowing the terminology for Google searches  was the hardest part.

hence I have attempted to list the resources I have found.

this is taking time as it is an ardous task  to go back to sites and insert the links.

    I trust what I have written will empower you in your individual  journey of recovery.