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Read at your own risk....

I know, it's really off putting but necessary for me to state:

  • the site is only for adult non offending survivors over the age of 21.
  • the site is only for survivors who excercise critical thought and evaluation.
  • the site is written by me ( Nathan)  as just another survivor sharing what I have found useful, or might be useful to other survivors. 
  • it's a read at your own risk basis.  no promices, no guarantees.
  • you should find a counsellor or psychologist to support you in your recovery
  • make a list of local helplines you can ring. there are some links bottom left
  • it is a condition of using this site that you acept responsability for how you respond.
  • survivors have different needs at different stages of recovery
  • survivors have different needs, were subjected to a variety of abuse in varying conditions, have a range of definitions of recovery, have different beliefs and we respond differently.
  • having said this, it is my hope and prayer that this site may equip you with resources and facilitate your recovery.

How I came to write about trauma release.

  •  I reached a point where I benifeted from trauma release counselling from a Christian counsellor and followed through with my own prayers and working at it.
  •  as I read, interacted with other survivors, did google searches,  talked to counsellors and thought it through as I prayed ( I must disclose my journey is one of faith trusting in God )  received ministry and reading my Bible. I don't do this journey alone.  I write because I care.
  • last week I woke up in unbearable pain in what is best termed my lower back muscles but I was very much aware that my pain was from the inner trauma. my wife massaged my back with ointment  I prayed  and was able to get up. I rang a sexual assult counseling service and talked it over and that afternoon I had physiotherapy. Whilst I got a measure of relief  I was very much aware that my trauma, my pain was deep within. was from when I was sexually assaulted .  this journey and the resources I found are on the seperate page for non offending adult (over 21 )   survivors.
  • I would like to see a greater integration of services
  • the more I go along this road called recovery the more aware I am that an interdisciplinary approach is needed.