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listening to music that either expresses my  outrage  eg "Like a brick in the wall"

or  Guy Sabastian  "Battle Scars"

               he even mentions PTSD

or soothing music

 I  recommend You tube searches to find what works for you.

the last time I was triggered into being stressed

for whatever reason I listened to the  "Never ending Story"  theme song  and found  relief

  guess anything that  is about life going on beyond adversity

 so the theme song of Titanic

I constantly look for hope to resist / overcome despair

music  can sooth the soul

   just remembered   "Out of Africa"

    and  Doctor Zhivago - Lara's theme

I like inspiring music to lift the soul   to perserve beyond  my traumatised body and mind

  just listening the the theme for the film "Exodus"

       my soul responds to upifting music


 as I said  there are times  to listen to music reflicting my hurt or anger


them I move onto what is soothing


what brings hope


what afirms my humanity and my human dignity

and that my life has meaning and purpose